No 8:30pm Level 3 on Weds

Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend: 
Nov 28-Dec 1

Puppy Kindergarten:
Saturday Dec 14 @ 10am
Thursday Jan 2 @ 10am
Wednesday, Jan 8 @ 5:15pm


Puppy Agility Sunday Nov 10 @  12:15p Full
6 week class with 10 students max, for $165.

Diana Simonsen classes are now on Saturdays

All Level Rally: 4:30p
Heeling Games: 6p

To register contact


Obedience classes begin with the basics for you and your dog. Attend when it’s convenient for you, and move up at your own pace.
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Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes at the Puppy Perfectors offer a variety of ways to socialize and train your new best friend.
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Agility Classes

agility classesAgility Classes are a playground for dogs! Mental and physical stimulation for you and your dog and a great bonding experience.
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Nose Work

noseworkNose work is a win-win activity for both you and your dog with fun games encouraging your dog’s natural scent strengths. Classes are currently full.


flyballFlyball is a relay race for dogs! This team sport for dogs includes mental and physical challenges for your dog as they race, catch and jump.
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Specialty classes are offered occasionally at the Puppy Perfectors and include Conformation, Rally, Kids with Canines, and Skill Building.
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“Thank God for The Puppy Perfectors team. It took a few months to train me and Patches, but now we look like any other respectable dog family in neighborhood.”

-Deirdre M.


“Every dog gets the attention and education they deserve. Awesome place to bring a dog to play, socialize and get trained!”

-Hertzi S.

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