Agility Training

dog at agility classAgility is an action-packed sport for you and your canine companion. As a team, you will learn to direct your dog through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weaves, hoops, ramps, and seesaws as you both race to the finish line. Agility is an excellent sport for creating a strong bond with your dog and boosting their confidence regardless of whether or not you plan on competing. Our classes are beginner-friendly and set you up with the tools you will need to play the game at the level you want to achieve

We are no longer able to offer Agility classes.

Due to the structure of agility classes, we cannot accommodate reactive dogs

You must have had some obedience training before starting agility classes. You will need to complete Level 2 Obedience before you start agility.

If you have trained in obedience but not agility, come to a Level 1 class and ask the instructor to evaluate you. What we are looking for is that you and your dog are working smoothly as a team, your dog can tune out most of the distractions of a class, and that you and your dog can safely be in a group class.

If you have trained with your dog in agility previously,  you can schedule a private evaluation with the agility instructor for placement. This is a 15-20 minute one on one with the instructor and costs $30.

Agility prices:

  • $195 package of six classes
  • $340 package of 12
  • $37 single class

***Packages will expire after 6 months***

Puppy Agility is for puppies under the age of six months, or older dogs that are small or shy.

Beginner Agility is an introduction to agility equipment and exercises. Dogs must have basic obedience.

Intermediate/Advanced Agility is for those who have successfully completed Beginning & Intermediate Agility.