Rally-Obedience is held twice a month on Saturdays afternoons.

All exercises needed for Rally are taught in the drop-in advanced obedience classes.

Have fun expanding basic obedience skills while learning Rally exercises. Practice Rally exercises, or stations, that are based on obedience skills. Each station has a sign with instructions regarding the next skill to be performed. Stations from all levels of Rally are included. You will also have an opportunity to develop your dog’s attention skills and to work around distractions. Rally scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience and a perfect “heel position” is not required. Each dog and handler team is on its own to complete the entire sequence of numbered signs correctly once a judge has asked “Are you ready?” and has given the “Forward” order.

AKC Rally provides a link from the Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) program to AKC obedience or agility competition, both for dogs and handlers. Promoting fun and enjoyment for dogs and handlers at all levels of competition, one of the most important parts of Rally is that you and your dog work as a team. Unlimited communication from handler to the dog is encouraged, which makes the sport a positive and refreshing experience for every dog and handler team.

Rally classes are held twice a month on Saturday afternoons. To reserve space, email the instructor, Diana: info@dianasimonsen.com.



Email the instuctor, Diana