Reactive Dogs

What is a reactive dog?

A dog that responds inappropriately or overreacts to a dog, person, or object is generally considered a reactive dog. Reactions can range from lunging, barking, and growling, to hard to manage overenthusiasm. Reactivity is not created overnight and it definitely will not be solved overnight. This can be a long process. But we’ll be there for you as you learn how to give your dog the tools he needs to navigate life.

This is a group class of 5 dogs max. You will each have your own space, where you will not be able to see other dogs, but hear them. We will start with important foundational skills building on those each week. We will gradually introduce the sight of another dog in various contexts.

The Reactive Dog Package: $240 includes- 6 group classes

Puppy Perfectors Reactive Dog Training Review

Working with Summer and Puppy Perfectors literally changed our day-to-day life with our dog Kodiak. As novice dog owners, we rescued a Blue Heeler-German Shepherd mix without a second thought. After too many “close calls” on walks (i.e lunging, barking, snarling) and living with Kodiak’s high drive to protect us at home, we knew we needed significant support from an experienced professional. Enter Summer and Puppy Perfectors, who taught us how to anticipate triggers, track behavior patterns, destigmatize muzzle-training, employ proactive calming & redirection strategies, and help us navigate the world of “behavior modification vs. behavior training”. Daily effort & consistency are required on our part as dog owners, but thanks to Summer and the team at Puppy Perfectors, we got to keep Kodiak as a family member. Top recommendation!

-Emily & Gabe Albacarys