Clicker 101 Workshops are coming soon to The Puppy Perfectors.

If you haven’t tried clicker training before or want to improve your clicker training skills, this is the workshop for you! You will learn how using mark/reward training techniques with a clicker enables you to train efficiently and makes training fun for you and your dog.

This fast-paced workshop covers:

  • Mastering mechanical skills used in clicker (aka “mark/reward”) training
  • Determining what kinds of rewards motivate your dog
  • Using a clicker in obedience and trick training
  • Timing for adding cues (commands) and when to eliminate using the clicker
  • Shaping new tricks/behaviors
  • Creating tricks based on your dog’s natural behaviors
  • Solving common behavior problems with a clicker

Prerequisites: Dogs over 12 weeks of age. No prior training necessary.

What to bring: 

  • A slightly hungry dog
  • Lots (more than you think you’ll use) very small food rewards. The best food rewards are pea-sized, light in color and soft. Ideal food rewards include: white cheese, hot dogs, meat (roasted or boiled)
  • Buckle collar
  • 6 to 8 foot nylon or leather leash
  • Bait pouch (or wear a vest or pants with roomy pockets)
  • Tug toy if your dog is toy motivated
  • A clicker, or purchase on from The Puppy Perfectors

Note: Attendance at this workshop satisfies future “clicker training” prerequisites for some of the classes at The Puppy Perfectors, such as Treibball, Rally-FrEe, and Freestyle.