Rally-FrEe takes traditional Rally-obedience to a new level of competitive fun.

Our Rally Freestyle Elements (RFE) class is for all who want to have fun with their dog while teaching it cool new tricks. It’s also the perfect class for those who want to expand their dog’s repertoire of behaviors while continuing to work on obedience skills and precision.

RFE combines tricks and heeling for physical and mental exercise for your dog. In competition, RFE is formatted like rally-obedience where signs on a course direct the team to perform exercises. In RFE, the signs include tricks as well as obedience exercises.  One of the fun factors in RFE is that at the four “Free Choice” stations, you choose what your dog does, so you can show off your dog’s best tricks.

 In this class you will:

  • Teach your dog a wide variety of tricks
  • Learn how to use training games to increase your dog’s response to cues, enthusiasm and focus
  • Experiment with different training techniques and aids to create greater precision
  • Practice short RFE courses and find out more about the sport
  • Have fun with your dog

Prerequisites: Completion of The Puppy Perfectors Level 1 Obedience or a basic obedience class. Dogs should have an understanding of loose leash walking or heeling, sit, down and stay. Please contact us prior to registering for this class.

Equipment Needed for Class:

  • For rewards: lots of small treats; toy if dog is toy-motivated
  • Buckle collar preferred
  • 6’ leather or nylon lead
  • Clicker, target stick and/or platforms, if handler uses those in training.

Troy – Grand Champion level run:

Qwill – Novice level run: