Learn how to spice up your training sessions with games.

Learn games that will increase your dog’s enthusiasm for training and develop focused attention. You and your dog will discover which training games work the best for your training goals to make training exciting and fun.

This workshop is ideal for dogs six months and older. No training prerequisites other than dogs should be comfortable relaxing in a crate while not working. Sorry, no reactive dogs allowed in this workshop.

Working teams, bring to the workshop:

  • Crate for your dog. There are crates available to use if your dog is OK in a borrowed one.
  • Lots of small light-colored yummy treats(string cheese cut crosswise into “circles” and Charlie Bear treats are ideal)
  • Your dog’s favorite toy(s) – tug type toys preferred.
  • Bait bag or vest/jacket with pockets large enough to easily extract treats.

Wear comfortable clothing and non-slip shoes.