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We have so much for you and your dog to do!

Please take time to explore our web site, and be sure to visit our Schedule page to view our class calendar.

Orientation: A free, hour-long orientation is required before attending drop-in classes at The Puppy Perfectors. All other classes, orientation is not required, but recommended.

Registration: Registration for drop-in classes is only available at the orientation. Registration is available online for all class series.

Obedience classes begin with the basics for you and your dog. Attend when it’s convenient for you, and move up at your own pace.

Agility Classes are a playground for dogs! Mental and physical stimulation for you and your dog and a great bonding experience.

Puppy Classes at the Puppy Perfectors offer a variety of ways to socialize and train you new best friend.

Nose Work is a win-win activity for both you and your dog with fun games encouraging your dog’s natural scent strength. Classes are currently full.

Flyball is a relay race for dogs! This team sport for dogs includes mental and physical challenges for your dog as they race, catch and jump.

Specialty Classes are offered occasionally at the Puppy Perfectors and include Conformation, Tricks, Rally, and Kids with Canines.

Private Training is available at The Puppy Perfectors and in-home for all levels.

Practice Space Rental is available at The Puppy Perfectors by reservation only.

Reactive Dogs are dogs that bark or lunge when they see other dogs or people. Get the tools you need to be able to safely take your dog out in public.