Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes at the Puppy Perfectors offer a variety of ways to socialize and train your new best friend.

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten is a six-week class for puppies eight weeks to six months aimed at socialization and creating a willingness to learn with positive training methods. Redirect problem behavior such as jumping on people, pulling on the leash, mouthing and biting.

  • Learn appropriate games to play with your puppy
  • Socialize your puppy with people and other dogs
  • Teach patience, self control, and acceptance of authority
  • Introduce basic commands: Sit – Down  – Come – Stand

Puppy Kindergarten classes are held Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Cost: $190

*Puppy Kindergarten classes with 3 or fewer students will be condensed from six classes to four classes.

Puppy Day Camp

Puppy Day Camp is for puppies 2 months to 5 months of age. Drop your puppy off with us at 9am and pick them up at 3. Here they will get the opportunity to learn how to play appropriately with puppies their own age, work on basic manners, and begin the process of learning loose leash walking. They will also get to play around with new textures and surfaces, equipment, and things they may have never seen before, as well as continue the potty training we know you’re all working so hard on. Puppies will also work on crating and making that fun and enjoyable. Puppies will also spend some time working on handling of the body in preparation for things like nail trims, ear and tooth exams, and grooming. They will be working with a certified trainer and assistant. 

Puppy Day Campers can purchase a 1, 3, 6, or 9 day pass as long as they are within the 2-5 month age range. There is a 6 puppy limit. Day Camp is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9-3. Pick up must be by 4 at the latest. You can choose which days you want your puppy to attend. You will receive a report card at the end of the day that lets you know what your puppy worked on and how it went.

Puppy Day Camp is not a substitute for training, more an super-charged day care. It’s best considered a supplement to the Puppy Kindergarten classes where puppy parents learn to teach their puppies important life skills and maintain the training the pups have learned in day camp.

Puppies must be current on age appropriate vaccinations and must not go to dog parks while they are in attendance at Day Camp. 

  • 1 day pass = $80
  • 3 day pass = $235
  • 6 day pass = $465
  • 9 day pass = $690

Puppy Agility

Puppy Agility is another great way to socialize, desensitize, and bond with your puppy while introducing it and you to the wonderful world of canine agility. Your puppy will learn to be comfortable walking on different surfaces, have fun going over small jumps and through tunnels and to follow you, the handler.

Puppy Agility is a six-week course for puppies under the age of six months, or older dogs that are small and shy. Classes are held on Sundays with a maximum of 6 puppies.

Cost: $185

Upload your puppy’s vaccination records to your account profile. Puppies need to be current on vaccinations, but need not be fully vaccinated.