Competitive Obedience Classes are Tuesday evenings at The Puppy Perfectors.

Competitive Obedience is for students who have instructor permission. Classes are monthly, $100 per month or $30 drop-in if space is available.

Open & Utility, 6:15 – 7:30 pm

This class is designed for the handler with some training and/or competitive obedience experience. Class will cover from the beginning steps of Open/and Utility to the end process of putting those steps together to create the finished exercises.

This is an interactive class with lots of participation, with very little downtime/lecture time. As time permits we begin with stretching and core strengthening exercises that are designed to keep your canine partner happy and healthy.

Dogs must be capable of working around other dogs and people in a close environment and have some reasonable stay or wait behavior (or handler must have crate where dog can rest when not actively working).

Instructor permission required.


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