Novice Drop-in Obedience

Novice Obedience classes are for dogs six months and older with little or no training.

This class is divided into three levels with a drop-in format. You can come to the class at your level at your convenience. Pay for the class when you attend and move through the levels at you and your dog’s own pace. An orientation is required before attending your first class.

Each novice drop-in class you attend is $45, or you can prepay for six classes for $240.

Level One:

  • Walk without pulling on the leash
  • Sit and remain sitting until released
  • Pay attention on command
  • Introduce stay, down, and come

Saturdays @ 9 am
Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

Level Two:

  • Introduce heel
  • Stay with distractions
  • Stand command
  • Front command

Saturdays @ 12 pm
Wednesdays @ 7:45 pm

Level Three:

  • Stay from a distance
  • Stay while standing
  • Recall
  • Finish

Saturdays @ 1:30 pm